Emerald Isle Assisted Living


“The staff is wonderful! They help with things I have trouble with, they are pleasant and very experienced with taking care of the elderly. I like feeling free to come and go…I can attend church a few times a week and visit with other residents.”

Esther Brooks, Rancho Palos Verdes

“I am always assured that my mother is well taken care of, clean and safe. She has been in other homes where the level of care was not up to our standards, but mother has been at Emerald Isle for over eight years now! The staff is on top of mother’s health problems, medications, and serve well-balanced meals.” Anna also mentions that as important as it is to have her mother well cared for, the practice that she and he family appreciate just as much is that they “can come visit my mother any time (we don’t need to make an appointment to visit).”

Anna Skalabrin, San Pedro

“My mother felt very comfortable and safe at Emerald Isle. What made it special was the quality of care, ratio of staff to residents, and good quality home-cooked meals. I have also depended on Laura for ancillary support, such as taking care of the government forms, Medicare, medical assessments, personal hygiene, and providing transportation for my mother doctor’s appointments. I have referred several people to Laura with a high degree of confidence that they (or their loved ones) would receive excellent care.”

Craig Campbell, Palos Verdes 

Who We Are

At Emerald Isle Assisted Living Homes, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring comfort and assurance to our seniors and their families. We focus on maintaining the wellness and independence of our residents by using personalized care plans. Residents can enjoy sensibly designed living accommodations, attractively furnished common areas, and peaceful outdoor areas. Our way of daily living is casual and calming, not institutional, and appears just like home.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to delivering friendly personalized care and support services for seniors. Our goal is to maintain our resident’s peace of mind by maximizing the physical, social, and spiritual dimensions of their lives.

Our Caregivers

Our caregivers are exclusively focused and dedicated to offering the finest quality of care for your family member. Our staff at Emerald Isle Assisted Living Homes is known for their attention to detail and our commitment to our resident’s safety and well-being. They are uniquely qualified to work with seniors and are able to provide the best care and supervision. They are extremely patient with our residents and are attuned to their needs.